Compressing Your Air Costs

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bills, talk to CompCare.

We are a leading UK supplier of compressed air solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you get the most from your compressed air system including:

* Air compressor installation

* Pipework design and installation

* New and used equipment for all aspects of compressed air generation

* Air compressor servicing and maintenance

* Air compressor emergency repairs – genuine 24/7 call out

We know compressors inside out – and pride ourselves on finding the best solution for your business. No pushy sales staff, no baffling jargon, just solid, no-nonsense advice.

Compressed air is an expensive utility, typically consuming 25% of your electricity, with over 80% of that being wasted. At CompCare we have many decades of experience and expertise in reducing compressed air costs. We focus on 4 areas of ownership.


The largest cost of a compressed air system, we have the ability to reduce this by an average of 30%.

Capital Expenditure

The second biggest cost is owning your compressed air system, our expertise can help you ensure you get the best possible return on investment.


The third largest cost is your compressed air maintenance regime. We offer schemes that enable you to control and fix your costs. These plans have also shown reductions in down time.


Lastly installing your air system needs to be right. It is very easy to adversely affect energy and maintenance costs with a poor installation

We offer a free survey of your compressed air system, this enables us to give you an objective assessment of the most effective improvements for your plant.

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Improve energy efficiency by controlling your compressor speed with an ABB drive

Compcare saving 30%
Energy Consumption 43%
Capital costs 18%
Maintennce costs 7%
Install costs 2%

Save Money On Your Energy

We Work With Many Industries Including:

  • Chemical
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Foam
  • Windows
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textiles Paper and cardboard
  • Paint
  • Water treatment
  • Glass
  • Food and drink
  • Construction
  • Waste management

and many many more.