Control Systems

Traditionally compressors have been controlled by their own internal pressure sensing. This has a multitude of drawbacks;

* No correction for network losses

* No compensation as air treatment condition changes

* No feedback for how much & where the demand changes

* Inability to react to network losses and changes

* Wide swings in local control of pressure

* No integration of VSD control with other machines

* Inability to stabilise the pressure at points of use

* Local settings are higher than needed to allow leeway

* Excessive energy consumption

Our modular compressed air control packages can cater for the individual requirements of any site, some of the key features are;

Tighter and more stable network pressure

Interfaces to any make/type of compressor

No limit to number of machines

Site wide integration (even very large sites)

Ancillary integration (dryers, filters, cooling systems)

Desiccant dryer dew point control

VSD integration (including multiple units)

Web based interface (viewing & reporting)

Easily expanding or modified as plant changes

Dynamic adjustment of network losses and changes

Feel free to contact us to discuss your site specifically