VSD Conversions

From the launch of energy saving variable speed drives many compressor owners have been advised it is not possible to retrofit them. Often this is to justify purchasing a new machine. We have extensive experience of retrofitting Variable Speed Drives (VSD) from several of the key drive suppliers. We have fitted them to compressors from HPC, Atlas Copco, Worthington, Compair, Boge and Ingersoll Rand to name a few. We have also fitted them to MD drum dryers, ventilation fans and cooling systems. Our compressed air control system expertise means we can correctly integrate multiple VSD’s in to a site wide system.

The Reality of Retrofit VSD’s?
Many compressor manufacturers claim it is impossible or will damage your compressor. Providing certain aspects of the machine are considered it is actually straight forward. Key considerations are;

* Accurate payback

* Adequate turn down for demand changes

* Cooling reduction due to reduced speed

* Potential for oil pressure issues

* Integration to air treatment

* Integration to control system

* Motor protection

* Consideration of eddy currents

Feel free to contact us to discuss your machines specifically.