New Equipment

As independent compressed air experts we can supply a wide range of equipment to meet your specific needs. We are not constrained by a catalogue or agents agreement. We will assess the site need and offer a suitably tailored package. We have supplied new equipment for;

* Oil free “class zero” applications

* BRC food grade air (contact & non contact)

* Product conveying

* Instrumentation

* Robotics

* Paint shops

* Breathing air

* PET moulding

* Pharmaceuticals

* Car assembly

* Petrochemical manufacture

* Metal forging

* Power generation

* Bakery

* Food production

* Brewing

* Textile weaving

* Milling and micronising

We can offer a range of funding options including assistance with Carbon Trust grants.

We can also offer turn key packages from design through to commissioning.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your site specifically.