Oil Injected Range

“Quality Without Cost”

‘DV’ series- variable speed oil injected 1:1 direct coupling up to 75kw

‘D’ series – fixed speed, oil injected, direct 1:1 coupling, stand alone, upto 75kw.

‘C’ series – Fixed Speed Oil injected, belt driven compressor, available with or without a vertical air receiver (Note not horizontal mounted as illustrated)

‘M’ series – fixed speed oil injected belt driven stand alone up to 75kw

‘V’  series – Larger Power Variable Speed 1:1 direct coupled compressors up to 280kW

‘I & II’ – Series – Fixed Speed, Oil injected, 1:1 direct driven compressors available as either air or water cooled from 90kW to 400kW. Voltage range includes 400V to 6.6kV & 10kV.

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